Friday, May 15, 2015

Growing a Garden

Well, the garden is mostly planted.  We got some logs from a tree up the street that was getting a trim and hauled them here.  I like the rough, uneven border they give to our garden - our gardens are usually a little rough and uneven.  But not this year, I proclaim!  This year we will have a lush, productive garden that abundantly produces delicious and healthy food!

Are you listening, dirt?

We have peas and beans, beets and radishes, spinach and swiss chard seeds in the ground.  They are just itching to pop up and grow like gangbusters.  Yes, I know it is technically too late for these, but they are in a partly shady spot so I hope they will grow anyway.  (fingers crossed)  We've transplanted the broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seedlings close to the shady area, and the tomato and pepper plants in the full sun.  They will love it.  Because I said so.

And I even cleverly labelled all the rows with plastic knife markers so I wouldn't forget what I had planted where.  Note to self: the plastic knives plunge into the dirt really well, but next time, use white plastic knives so you can actually see them.  Maybe then you won't step on them with bare feet.

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