Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How I (Don't) Watch Movies

The kids are watching Forever Strong right now, one of our family favorites.

We all like it.  It has a strong sports background going on, and a nice redemption theme.  It's a good one we can watch with the family (after the first few drug/party/DUI crash scenes where it likely got its PG13 rating).

So why am I not in there watching it?  I was, sitting on the couch, snuggled up to three of four of my kids the best I can while we are eating pizza and watermelon.  But a minute ago, I had to leave.  I can't deal with the suspense.  I know what is going to happen - or at least generally, because its been a while since I saw the movie - but as soon as the background music gets all dark and dramatic, I'm outta there.  I get all shaky and anxious and decide that NOW would be a great time to take out the garbage!  Move the laundry along!  Do the dishes!  Anything but stay in front of the TV with all that drama going on.

And it isn't so much the action (although violence is particularly unnerving for me) as the music.  I've always been really sensitive to music and the way it makes me feel.  Honestly, I'm a little bit resentful at music that forces me to feel something that I don't want to feel.  It's a personal problem, I know.

Maybe I need a pair of noise-cancelling earphones that I can slap on whenever that moody music comes on.  Or my own little recording of circus music to replace the movie soundtrack.

I bet even Lord of the Rings battle scenes would be downright enjoyable if set to some lively tunes. The only way I can get through them right now is to imagine what the people in the sound lab had to do to make all the sword and whistling arrow sound effects, and how interesting it would be to have to make all those cries and groans in front of a microphone.

Yeah, LOTR with circus music.  I'll have to try it sometime.

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