Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday

My twins are 5!  Holy time warp, Batman!

Georgie on the left, and Freddie on the right.  They look so different to me, but they are identical.

I asked them what they wanted for their birthday cake - it's the tradition that they get to pick.  Georgie has been eyeing the cakes in the bakery for some time now, and he wanted the cake with the carrot on it.  Didn't care about the cake; he just wanted the frosting carrot on top.  Freddy wanted strawberry cake because right now he loves pink.  Now blue. Now pink.  There were pink cake mixes at the store and no blue ones, so we went with strawberry.

So far I've had one cake for the two of them, but I don't mind each of them having their own cake.  I thought that was only fair.  It was funny that when they noticed they had picked different kinds of cake, they kept trying to change their choice to match what the other had chosen.  They love being together!

Georgie's frosting was a no-brainer: carrot cake needs cream cheese frosting.  The strawberry cake got whipped cream with a colorful starburst.  It was fun to make the cakes (especially when David doubted that I could frost a cake reasonably well, and was so astounded that it actually turned out cool.  I enjoyed that compliment.), and delightful to see their faces light up with excitement.

Blowing out the candles is fun, and they helped each other.  Georgie also managed to blow spit all over one side of his cake.  Who came up with this tradition?

I love these boys.  I can't think of any better way to end a family than with twins.  I might be partial, but I doubt it.  :-)

Five things I love about Freddie:
1. He has a zest for life.  Everything he does in done in a big way.
2. He always hugs me to make sure I know he really loves me after he "kills" me with his pretend light saber.
3. He loves to snuggle with Mom - for a moment.  Or longer if he has cold feet.
4. He is a good eater.  I don't usually have to remind him twice to finish his dinner.
5. He is happy with his whole body.  No hiding his joy!

Five things I love about Georgie:
1. He cartwheels his arms (for speed in taking off?) like a swimmer when he starts running.
2. He is sneaky.  He has a good plan and then quietly goes about accomplishing his goal.
3. He loves to snuggle with Mom.  I love that.
4. He is quick to take care of his chores and tasks I ask him to do.
5. His little grin just melts my heart.

Happy birthday, boys!

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