Thursday, July 31, 2014

Change is in the Air

There was an awesome storm the other day.  We were out in it with our umbrellas - or not.  David and Eddie saw the colliding of the clouds first, and we were all watching the thunderheads crash into the existing air mass.  It was amazing to see the clouds swirl right over our heads, and then the storm started.  We were protected from the high winds on the back porch, but it was funny to see things whipping around and stuff go zipping down the street.  Look, another cardboard box is airborne!  And then the rain.  Wow.  The gutters were completely overwhelmed and water just pounded everywhere.  Love it.  We celebrate when there is water in the desert!

We've had some drama about my dad this past few weeks.  Two weeks ago, he spent 6 days at our house while my brother and his wife were on Trek.  At the end of it, we jokingly asked him if we were driving him crazy yet.  Good natured-ly, he responded that we weren't, but if he had to stay another week then it would be a different story.

And then, my brother went on vacation - two days after Opa went home from our house.  He asked us to take my dad again.  The problem was that my dad did not want to leave home.  It took me about 2 hours before he would come with me.  He was not happy with me for quite a while before he lightened up a bit.  So he did have to spend a good chunk of the next week with us, as well.  Fortunately, we all survived.  :-)

So herein lies the bigger challenge.  My brother and his wonderful little family have been living with my dad, caring for him and his Parkinson's for the past few years.  Now they are moving out.  So what do we do with my dad?  He simply cannot live alone at this point.  His condition has been deteriorating some over the past few months.  He's not eating well.  He's lost so much weight his pants fall down when he stands up (luckily for him and for all of us, he got a pair of suspenders!).  He's not very happy.  He hasn't been sleeping well.  I'd like for him to live with a family who will love him and include him in their everyday, but he does not want to leave his house.

What to do, what to do?  So glad I have four amazing brothers (and their equally amazing wives) to navigate through this together!

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