Thursday, July 3, 2014

Family Reunion Food

We ate really well during the our adult reunion.  Maybe because we could eat big people food.  Maybe because we could just focus on cooking and not on "Mom!  I need.." and "Ew! Do I hafta eat that?" and seventeen other distractions during meal prep times.  Maybe it just tasted better because I got to eat with all these wonderful people (plus another great couple who arrived the second morning).

One of our highlights was gourmet s'mores.   We decided to dispense with the hassle of building a fire in the fire pit and just roasted our s'mores over the gas stove burners, trailer-park style.  But look what decadence we had in the chocolate department.  These were by far the tastiest s'mores (and least burnt) I have ever eaten!  Plus no smoky clothes. Bonus.  (Thanks a million!)

Or maybe the food tasted so much better because it was prepared with love.  Trite?  Maybe, but it was such fun to stand around the kitchen and visit and help each other prepare food.  Just the being together - that was the best part!

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