Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Paradox of a Mother

We took a picture of me and my boys last Sunday.  I guess I should say that this is me and my big boys.  The twins, although they are technically boys, are still little enough that they don't count in the group of "boys."  I won't attempt to explain any further than that.

I love me a group of good-looking boys.  Next time, we'll have to group them differently, so that the ones on the left don't look so short (they are both taller than I am!), and the one on the right doesn't look so... I'll give up on that one right now.  I have my hands behind my back because there is a twin hiding in my skirts.

I'm so amazed that they grow up so fast.  It seems like only yesterday... Now I'll have to break out into singing "Sunrise, Sunset" until I embarrass the whole of them.

I have always told them that they ought to grow to become taller, smarter, and stronger than their mother.  I suppose it might seem that I'd get an inferiority complex from my grown sons, but on the contrary.  Somehow I get bigger and more important as I help others to grow.  It's the happy paradox of a Mother.

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