Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Mother

It was my mom's birthday.  What a range of emotions!  Do I drape myself in black and spend the day mourning at her recently-dug gravesite, or do we throw a giddy party with cake and ice cream?  The only thing I really know about grieving is that whatever you feel like doing, it's almost always OK.

We put up a happy birthday banner, and invited my dad over for dinner.  She would have been 68, so we pasted up a list of 68 things about her on the windows.  She was my mom, my dad's Sweetie, my kids' Grandma Susie, and an all-around, bona-fide amazing woman.

We love you, and miss you so much!

Top 68 Things... 
  1. reminded us to take our medicine
  2. loved to go out to dinner
  3. critiqued our wardrobes and wanted a fashion show when we got new clothes
  4. took us to the doctor (or strongly encouraged it) when we were sick
  5. saved and planned all year for our Christmas gifts
  6. giggled when her dad addressed her cards to her maiden name after she'd been married 30+ years
  7. wrote out my - maiden - name in recent years
  8. When she was done with a phone call, she would always hang up without saying goodbye
  9. believed in doctors and modern medicine
  10. encouraged us to learn musical instruments
  11. taught us to play the piano
  12. taught lots of neighborhood kids to play the piano - up to 30 at a time!
  13. loved to listen to my brothers play songs they had written
  14. did not care for the Ophir State Marching Band
  15. liked to play the white elephant game at Christmas
  16. paid the grandkids handsomely for doing little jobs around the house
  17. always wanted a hug, but was satisfied with a high five
  18. asked how we were doing in school - very concerned about our education
  19. asked if the grandkids were having a good day
  20. was happy to babysit grandkids (or at least never let on otherwise)
  21. had a great Lego collection for kids to play with
  22. rolled up her shorts to splash in the water with her kids even though she didn't have a swimsuit
  23. looked up our grades on the school district computers
  24. looked up our friends' (and our dates') grades and classes too!
  25. called every week to see how we were doing
  26. ate lots of Ritz crackers
  27. made graham cracker sandwiches with frosting
  28. hired grandsons to mow her lawn
  29. kept a cookie jar full - usually sandwich cookies
  30. had to read the comics and do the crossword puzzle before anyone else got them
  31. was very kind to everyone
  32. listened first, then talked
  33. didn't often offer her opinion, but allowed everyone to live the way they saw best
  34. played the organ in her church for... forever (40+ years?)
  35. modeled modesty
  36. loved deep, rich colors - like the red wall in her bedroom
  37. was the epitome of political correctness
  38. didn't speak poorly of others
  39. "Spit in one hand and 'want' in the other and see which fills up faster."
  40. "I'm going to hang you up by your toenails!"
  41. "I'm so mad I could spit!"
  42. did NOT like pickles or mustard
  43. didn't like to talk about herself
  44. was "a real looker" in her younger years
  45. played games and read stories to her grandkids
  46. always let us know if we needed a haircut
  47. was a merit badge counselor for many areas, for many years
  48. was the driving force behind her four boys' Eagle Scout awards
  49. sneaky!  Especially with Christmas gifts
  50. couldn't stand the suspense about gifts she was getting
  51. welcomed daughters- and sons-in-law as her own children
  52. was always learning
  53. respected other people's thoughts, space, and families
  54. seldom complained, but sometimes got a groove in her tongue from biting it so hard
  55. loved to wear jewelry - long necklaces and pretty earrings especially
  56. amazingly organized!
  57. would rather do taxes than cook dinner, but was good at both
  58. was very patient with people and situations
  59. worked programming computers at the school district, and very tech-savvy at home, too
  60. concerned about everyone around her - family, neighbors, visiting teachers
  61. loved to watch movies
  62. survived lots of tough times - she had grit!
  63. was a night owl, and often had insomnia
  64. always wanted us to be kind to each other, and was a real peacemaker
  65. read books like crazy, and often couldn't put one down until she was done
  66. liked church books, a good mystery, the newspaper... good thing she was a fast reader!
  67. wanted us to know that she had a strong testimony of the Church, and of Christ
  68. LOVED US!

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  1. I love this. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I shed a tear. I love this woman ♥