Monday, April 21, 2014

Mission Monday

Just before Alec left for Johannesburg , South Africa,we got another large white envelope in the mail. This one was for Ben. He was so excited, and invited a bunch of friends and grandparents over that night to eat peanut butter bars.  Oh, and to watch him open the letter. This was the result:

While Alec spends his next two years in South Africa, Ben will be his neighbor in Madagascar!  I wonder if those boys prayed to get away from their mother, because they really can't get any farther away from home and stay on this planet.  They will both be such great missionaries.

We've been learning all kinds of things about these two African nations. Like that the average height of a Malagasy man is just slightly taller than Eddie here.  Ben will certainly stand out. In a good way!  In a good way!

So we'll have another round of getting ready to do. Maybe this time I'll get better organized.

So proud of these boys!

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