Thursday, March 5, 2015

Walking With Opa

I just found this picture I took last fall, when the grass was still green and the trees still had leaves.  The sun was just as shiny today, but the air has an unfriendly bite which reminds me that it is not yet wholly spring.

My Dad and I cruise the neighborhood most days.  We try to go daily, but we usually make it four or five times a week.  When we first moved in with him (has it really been six months ago?  No, it's nearly been seven.  Wow.), he could make it halfway up the street before he needed to pause for a rest.  After waiting in the middle of the road for a few minutes, he would declare that his knees were shot and we would slowly shuffle back home.  Now he regularly walks about a mile around our neighborhoods.  

As we set out, he holds up his cane and leads the marching band.  Up and down, he waves it to the music, uses it as a golf club to whack at random rocks in the road, or holds it in two hands in front of him like an old Sinatra dance.  By the time we are headed back, however, he is glad to have the extra support of the third leg.  

It's good for him, this walking.  And it's nice to be outside in the sunshine.  So grateful for bodies that work!  What a blessing.

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