Friday, March 20, 2015

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

I need to call my brother.  He has plans to take my dad for the weekend, and we are connecting to figure out how to make the transfer.  I like talking to my brother.  He's a good guy.  All my brothers are awesome - I'm so blessed.

But my phone won't call him.  I've called him before with no problem, but when I try to call him now. an automated voice says that calling mobile numbers is barred.  Barred!  What a great word!  I'll have to use that on my children.

I'm sorry, but due to your recent report card, playing computer games is barred.
I'm sorry, but the state of your bedroom floor means that playing with your friends today is barred.
I'm sorry, but potty language at the dinner table is barred.
I'm sorry, but anyone speaking to me right now is barred.

I can call my husband on his cell phone, and I can make other calls, so it's just his phone that is not working for me.  Barred.  I'm on the phone with the customer service department (and have been for nearly an hour now.  Fortunately most of that time has been on hold, so I've been able to mediate several spats with the twins, discuss a tax matter with my husband on the other phone, read the news, clean out my email, and check up on my kids' grades.  Now I'm getting bored.  And my chair is uncomfortable.  Wish I had a speaker phone.

And as annoying as this is, it makes me realize that I take phone calls for granted.  I just always know I can pick up the phone and connect with someone.  What an amazing thing it is!  How my great-great-grandmothers would be amazed!  I should use it more, to connect with people who are important to me, instead of waiting for them to call me.

Like my new best friend in India who is concerned about my computer not working.  So nice of him to call me all the time and offer to fix it for me.  Barred.

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