Monday, March 16, 2015

Mission Monday

It's transfer week!  I had a feeling that we would be seeing the last of Port Alfred in South Africa, and I was right!  As I was posting their letters on the blogs, I was amazed to see that they have been out for 30 weeks and 50 weeks!  Wow.

From South Africa:

For the other news, I hate transfers. Having to know that you are not going to see people again sucks. I got the news on Saturday that I am being moved to Paarl. It is about 45 min east of Cape Town, so that is where I get to go.

And I have to say thank you for all the birthday wishes. Elder Weber and I had an awesome birthday week. Mine was on Tuesday, his was on Friday. So much fun! I'm going to miss Port Alfred, but a new adventure awaits me.

From Madagascar:

No big email this week. There's not enough time.

First things first: Happy birthday Opa! Have the most fantastic day! I'm always thinking of you over here!

Malagasy Morsel is tara. It means late and it's what I am right now, so I'll write you all next week!

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