Monday, March 9, 2015

Mission Monday

I love Monday mornings, as I get to read letters from my boys.  Love them so much!  One has been out 29 weeks, and the other for 49.  Where has the time gone?  I'm chuckling, seeing a few British spellings that are starting to come from South Africa, like "rumour."  I bet that will increase in the next year!

From South Africa:

I love being a missionary! As I think about what has happened this week, it is amazing to see just how much the members are growing.

It has been interesting as Elder Weber and I have started focusing more on the members that we have in the past, and not just only focus on investigators. Our members have started bonding together in ways that are truly amazing. That and we have had more referrals from the members and less actives because we have been working with them, and let me tell you, they are solid referrals. Wow, is all I have to/can say. It is amazing what working with the members can do.

I found out that Madagascar has had yet another cyclone.  This one, Tropical Cyclone Haliba, went from the Mozambique Channel, across Madagascar this week.  It travelled just south of Antananarivo, so it didn't hit directly there, but they've been having some pretty solid rain.  It is over the Reunion Islands now, and headed away from Madagascar.  This week will bring more rain, but then this cyclone should be done.  I wonder how many more there will be.

From Madagascar:

The water is still going up... which leads to our Malagasy morsel of trondradrano. It means like the water is going up or is high. (choon-jah-jah-noo)  Despite that, we had quite a few investigators at church on Sunday, which was fantastic. The ward has really been helping us out with them, so props where props have been earned.

Next week is transfers week and speculations are coming out of the woodwork. I'm just hoping that I get to stay here and that Elder Glazier will be coming up here to work in Tana so I'll finally see him! That would be sweet. He doesn't want to though, but he'll come around. Living in the big city is pretty nice! You can buy everything your heart could imagine as long as it doesn't require first world factories! And sometimes there's some of that stuff too! I've really enjoyed getting my nice cheap ties!

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