Monday, March 23, 2015

Mission Monday

We've been following the aftermath of the hurricane in Vanuatu in the news lately, because Ben's mission companion is from there.  It looks like the whole country is nearly leveled.  Ben told us that his companion's home island "was hit the worst, and he still hasn't been able to get through to find out if his family is ok yet... We're all praying for him. He's super hopeful about it. He's actually beaming and laughing ALL the time. He's a huge stud."

Wow.  How would it be to have such frightening news about your home and family, and still manage to be upbeat and hopeful?  I regularly lose hope over the smallest of things.  I think I need to be more grateful for what I have.  And even when things don't go my way, I'm going to try harder to be upbeat anyway.  What a great lesson.

From South Africa:

Well, this has been an interesting week. That and a crazy one at that too. Transfer week was this week, and I had to move all the way across the mission. It sucked. I don't like moving at all, but that is what we do as missionaries. But, it is all good. I am going to miss Port Alfred, but the next new adventure is about to take place.

So Paarl is awesome! Mom, you were wondering about what it looks like, think Utah! It is awesome! That and grape and olive vineyards everywhere, plus lots of old buildings. So far, so good. It is amazing.

From Madagascar:

So big news this week: It hasn't rained the whole week!!! That is an answer to my prayers, and lot's of other people's too, I'm sure because the water has started to go down. Some of our investigators were finally able to move back into their house that has been flooded for the last three months! Unfortunately, there's still a lot of people living in tents or little temporary shacks on the side of the road, but the sun's been doing it's job, so hopefully that will all get worked out soon.

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