Monday, July 9, 2012

Soft and Fuzzy

We went to a family barbecue at "Unca Munk's" house.  Their home is large, lovely, and beautifully decorated.  David and Eddie were enthralled with the floor-to-twenty-foot-ceiling bookcases, complete with sliding library ladder.  "Mom!  We've got to have one of these!"  Right.  With our eight-foot-ceilings.  I can just see it now, the mayhem that would ensue with all our boys and a library ladder.  I'll have bad dreams tonight about Tarzan-like swinging, things slamming into the walls, and dangerous falls from precarious heights.  I don't think so, my dears.  Sorry.

Ben and Chris had a great time playing "Oh yeah, watch this!" on the in-ground trampoline.  They didn't break anything.  The twins and Angel spent most of their time on the wooden playset and swings.  Georgie was enamored with the waterfalls that he could see but couldn't get to.  It was almost Tantalus-ish.

Freddie fell in love with a little turtle statue.  Every time he would run past the rock garden, he would hunt it down, calling, "Toe-toe?  Toe-toe"  When he found it, he would affectionately pat its colorful resin head.  After a while, he couldn't stand the separation any more, and gently picked up the turtle, holding it against his chest.  When I explained that we needed to leave the turtle in the rocks, he sadly placed his beloved pet back on the ground, patted its head, bent over, and gave it a kiss.

And Angel's favorite part?  The toilet tissue.  When she was in the bathroom, she pulled out some tissue to use.  She held it in her hands for a long time, then reverently whispered, "It's so soft."  She stroked her cheek with it and delightedly exclaimed, "And it's fuzzy!" 

Soft and fuzzy.  Would that I were so easily delighted.
(James 3:17)

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