Monday, July 23, 2012

Scout Pants

Alec and Chris are at a week-long Boy Scout camp.  Alec is one of the main youth leaders, so he had to go up a few days early to help set up and prepare.  Chris left this morning.  It's always an adventure to pack and get ready.  For this camp, they had to be in full uniform.  We have scout shirts.  Boy, do we ever have scout shirts.  But scout pants are expensive, and the boys grow so fast.  We don't usually buy them at all.  But for this camp...   <sigh>

Alec kept reminding me that we needed to go get scout pants.  He was busy with work and important teenager stuff, and I've been crazy-headed about taking care of me mum and everything.  It's been on the shopping list, yes. But I've just had a hard time actually getting out to do the shopping.  Friday night, Alec, exasperated at my slowness, just went down and got his own pants.  After he left, I realized that he should have taken Chris with him, but then I got busy and forgot again.

Alec left bright and early Saturday morning, looking fresh and crisp in his full uniform.  I planned out the day to allow space to go shopping.  Finally!  I cleaned up the house, took care of my children, and hopped in the van as soon as the twins were napping.  It was then that I discovered that the scout shop closes early in the afternoons on Saturday.  And our hometown variety store which carries scout supplies was closed entirely on Saturdays!

This is what happens to procrastinating mothers.  They get anxiety attacks and ulcers.  And they have to send their sons to scout camp in their skivvies.

Our story has a happy ending, though, because we live in a place that remembers when it was a small town.  On the door of the variety store, they have posted a phone number to call if you need help when the store is closed.  The nice man came and opened the store, late at night,, just for us to buy a pair of scout pants.  Thanks you, kind sir!

And that is how Chris came to be leaving, bright and early this morning, looking fresh and crisp in his full uniform.  With pants on.

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