Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Vacationing

This week is our family vacation, Part III.  Part I happened two weeks ago, when we were planning on going away, but didn't due to some miscommunications.  Part II was last week when we thought we'd make the best of what we had and go anyway, even though Alec and Ben had to stay home and work.  This week, the vacation turned into a mere overnighter when Alec and Chris were at scout camp, Ben had to work, and the twins and I had to stay home because there isn't enough room in the truck.  Oh, and they wouldn't have a good time at the cabin anyway.  And Grandpop is going.  So it looks a lot different than what we first planned: Trent and three kiddos instead of the whole family.

On my end, it means that I have to get Ben to work and back, but the rest of the time I just have the twins to keep me company.  Our house is pretty quiet tonight.  Of the usual six people who sleep downstairs, Ben is the only one home tonight.  He asked to sleep upstairs because it's just too empty down there.

It's been kind of fun to have fewer bodies to take care of, and be able to concentrate better on the three here.  We've had a fun day.  On the other hand, I really didn't feel like cooking dinner for just two big people  (peach smoothies, boiled eggs and fried Spam, anyone?).  

My heart is usually so full, but tonight, our house is just too empty.  

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