Friday, July 6, 2012


I made chocolate pudding for lunch today.  I mean, for a snack after lunch - if you finished your lunch.  No, we don't have pudding FOR lunch.  Not even chocolate.  It was a hit.  What a surprise.  I don't make snacks or goodies very much, so when I do it's an extra treat.  I eat too much when I make them, that's why.  I have no self-control, so the only way I can avoid eating them is to avoid making them.

I ate a moderate amount of the chocolate pudding, but was successful in convincing myself that it wasn't enough.  This evening after dinner, I made another tiny batch for myself.  All for me. It feels more wicked and decadent that way, doesn't it?  And I threw in some coconut, because I like it.

I took it to my room, and have been nibbling on it ever since.  I hid it away when it was time to put the kids to bed.  David disappeared outside, Chris and Eddie were in the shower after their haircuts, the twins were running wild, and Angel wouldn't let me brush her teeth.  Exasperating.  Especially when I tried to brush her teeth, only to find her mouth full of something she was eating.  What...  coconut.  She held tight to the toy airplane she had been playing with.  Its cargo bay was full of, and spilling out, shredded coconut.  Trent cleaned it up, only to find another stash in the refrigerator.  And another one, in a toy house under the table.  Now there are sweet white shreds of coconut all over the floor, and strewn about the toys.  I guess I left the bag open, and out on the counter.  I'm busted.  Shame on me.  But I like it so...


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