Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Husbandly Hair

This post will be written by a person of a female gender.  That is a no-brainer, because the menfolk don't normally discuss hair.  They wash hair (not shampoo), grow hair, comb hair (and brush), get hair cut, and even colored.  Oh, and sometimes they do wear hair (like the kind of hair that is removable and then replaceable).  They do look at hair, and mention it to their buddies (Hey, Buddy, didja get your ears lowered?  Nice haircut.)  They don't discuss hair.  But I shall.

I cut my husband's hair.  He doesn't mind (I think I would mind if he cut my hair).  He says that as long as it doesn't look ridiculous, he doesn't mind whatever I do.  He did get a buzz cut once (admittedly, it was accidental.  It was just after we were married and I hadn't realized that his hair was, um, thinner than the luscious locks of my boys.), but most of the time it's been a pretty standard short 'do.

The last few months, however, I let it grow out.  Whenever he said he'd like a haircut, I'd just trim around the edges and let the rest of it grow.  I was curious about how his hair would look when it was longer.  Right now I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture, because I thought it did look pretty nice.  It was just too hot for the summer, so tonight I cut it off.

He got somewhat alarmed when long locks of hair started drifting down over his shoulders, and my scissors were still snipping away.  After his shower, he casually commented that I had given him a military cut (it's not that short!).  But it is short, and quite a difference from what he had before.  A woman would have been livid.  But my man?  He just remarked on how much shampoo he had just saved in the shower.  I like that guy.

(And I like his hair just a trifle longer than how I cut it.)

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