Friday, July 13, 2012

Familiar Sayings

I was talking to one of my brothers the other day, and we remembered some of the things our mother used to say to us:

"Scrub your scalp when you wash your hair, but not with your fingernails."
"I'm so mad I could spit!"
"I'm going to hang you up by your toenails!"
"We should throw you into the lake!"

I never quite understood how I could hang by my toenails, or how she would even get a hold of them firmly.  And I thought getting thrown into the lake sounded like fun.  I actually remember trying to spit to see if it made me feel any better, or even angrier.

I guess I say things like that to my kids, too.  I wonder what they will remember from me?  There are phrases I say often enough that maybe I ought to patent them and start earning royalties:

"Chores first, then play."
"Clean up this room right now!"
"Then do it until it is clean."
"Fair does not mean the same."

I guess many of the things I say over and over are related to getting chores done.  Maybe I should say less about work and more about what is really important.

"Be good."
"Listen for the answer in your heart."
"Speak kindly."
"I think you are terrific!"

"I love you"

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