Saturday, December 21, 2013

With Wondering Awe

Here is my homage to the carol about the wise men.  I guess I could do "We Three Kings" since I remember my brothers and boy cousins singing it every year at my mother's family's annual Christmas nativity production while they shuffle in with aluminum-foil crowns and holding my mother's fancy vase she got in Europe.  I was Mary for a long time, since I was one of very few grand-daughters.  I grew up with 23 boys on that side of the family, but I only had 6 cousins of the feminine persuasion. I do admit to being a little bit miffed when the next girl cousin got old enough for her turn as Mary.  I thought I should continue in a role where I did so well.  Besides, I was too big for the angel choir.  Wasn't I?

Kimberly sells this lovely green printable over at etsy.

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