Friday, December 13, 2013

Away In a Manger

I just sold the twins' crib.  It wasn't too nostalgic, as it has been kicking around in the garage long enough to become a nuisance.  But as the man loaded it into his vehicle to take home for his coming grandchild, I though of how many happy memories I have with that crib.  I loved seeing our little babies grow into toddlers.  I loved watching them snuggle up together and keep each other warm.  I loved the safe rails on the sides that wouldn't let them tumble out.

My new babies have slept in a lovely little bassinet, an heirloom cradle that my husband slept in as a baby, and a portable playpen.  I really wanted to get a Moses basket, but never did.  Sigh.  Once I thought I would need to use a dresser drawer for a newborn, but things worked out.  I can't imagine not having a safe and snuggly place for a new baby to sleep.

I like this song because it paints such a pretty picture.  The manger, the hay, the cattle...  it all seems more peaceful than I suppose reality was.  I do have a small issue with "The cattle are lowing / the poor baby wakes / but little Lord Jesus / no crying He makes."  I think He was a fairly normal baby, and I personally think that He cried.  Anyway...

I have a favorite memory of this song.  One year I was teaching my children the Christmastime songs.  It was just the older three boys then, and they loved singing the chorus: "Asleep!  Asleep!  Asleep!  Asleep!"  Then it was bedtime, and they had a hard time settling down.  Jay went to check on little Chris, who jumped into his bed when he heard his daddy coming down the hall.  He quickly pulled up his covers and screwed his eyes shut.  When Jay leaned close to check, little Chris wanted to make sure Daddy knew he was beoing good and going to sleep, so he whispered, "Asleep!  Asleep!  Asleep!  Asleep!"  It's been a fun story in our family.

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