Friday, November 8, 2013

Back From a Break

The first year that I heard about The Nester's challenge to write on one topic for an entire month, I was intrigued.  I like to write, and this seemed like a good way to try something new and practice my writing.  Now that I have done it two years, I'm can safely say that while it does stretch out my brain a little bit, it also leaves me exhausted.  When the month is over, I have no more desire to write.  I take a break for a few days before I can write again.  Don't know wether that is a good thing or not.  Just is.

So...I'm back now.  I've had another reason to not write this week, because I've been getting ready for a trip.  Right now I am sitting on a bed in a hotel room, three thousand miles away from home.  It is crazy to I me that you can hop on a plane and be so far away, so quickly.   I don't travel very much, so it's all quite novel to me.  The most different part this time is that I am without children.

I am a mom.  That's my job, my calling, my life.  And I love I it.  I love each of my children with a fierceness that only a mother bear knows.  And I left them all, way back home, so I could go on this trip with my dad.  He and I travelled across the country to see Alec graduate from the next phase of his training.  Heaven knows I would rather be with my family, but with the distance involved, they could not afford to be gone from school and work that long, and we could not afford the expense of taking the whole family.  So drat.  And here I am.  I miss my kidlets terribly.  But I love being here.  I've learned some interesting things, and remembered some things I don't want to forget.  So stay tuned for my travelogue!

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