Monday, April 29, 2013


I've been teaching the little people how to pray.  For me, prayer is a peaceful, enriching time to get grounded and in tune with the Heavens.  I really don't get by as well when I get lax in my prayers.  I want my children to feel the same peace, and know how to find answers to their questions - big and small - so I teach them to pray.

Angel has the hang of it.  The twins do the "food prayer" for everything and they are done in 10 words or less.  So I taught them to list out things they are thankful for.  Georgie caught right on.  In his prayer, he said "thanks for food and stories and Mom and my bed and (looking around the room) clothes and shirts with sharks on and my trucks and stories." He then asked that he would "have good dreams and no bad dreams, only dreams about bad guys."  After he finished, I gave him a big hug and told him what a good job he had done.

Next, it was Freddie's turn.  Glancing sideways at Georgie's smug smile, he began, "Hemmy Bodder, please bless for (his contraction for 'please bless' and 'thank you for') food and ... (pausing and looking hard at Georgie again) bweakwast and eggs and bread and dinner and food... and food...please bless for food."  He does love his food!

After saying amen, he turned to me, all smiles, and commanded, "say good job to me!"

Of course, dear.  Of course.  I love hugging my babies.

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