Thursday, February 6, 2014

When Mom is Sick

First of all, Mom is not allowed to get sick.  Mom is the taker-carer.  Who takes care of everyone else when Mom can't?  And who takes care of Mom when she is sick?  No one, and no one.  Clearly, Mom can't get sick.  Except that I am.  The little ones were generous and shared.  Thanks a lot.  We've been doing a lot of sitting and coughing and having used-tissues snowball fights.

Speaking of used tissues, what do you do with them?  Angel likes to have an old ice cream bucket to collect them in.  Growing up, we just always used toilet paper, rather than the more-expensive-but-gentler-on-the-nose tissues in a box.  My mother would take the used tissues and stuff them into the cardboard roll.  When the roll reaches capacity, you take it to the garbage can and push out the used wad.  I always thought it was so icky, gross!  So now we do that, too.  Icky.  I think I'd rather do fancy artwork with the toilet paper tubes than use them to collect used tissues.  'Cuz I have the time for that.  And a siesta in the hammock too, please.

So what does a family do when Mom is sick?  They go bananas, that's what.

Top Things To NOT Do When Mom is Sick:
Have Dad need to work overtime
Have parent/teacher conferences
Run out of medicine
Run out of food
Need dinner or any other meal
Use up anything that would require a trip to the store
Have everyone else get sick, too
Wake Mom up five times every hour in the middle of the night with your ailments

Top Things To Do When Mom is Sick:
Have Dad bring dinner on his way home from work (thanks, Dear!)
Children play nicely with each other
Keep the decibel level low
Bring her orange juice and toast
Do your chores without needing to be asked
Let Mom watch Pride and Prejudice without grumping for a violent action flick
Keep the house clean

Bahahaha!  I'm laughing so hard I think I might have one of those nasty coughing attacks!  You know, the ones where you cough until your eyes water and you can't breathe anymore and you are afraid you'll cough up a lung or two.  One of those.  Quick!  Bring me some bon bons!  I'm in the hammock under the palm trees.

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