Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

At about seven o'clock last night, Eddie innocently asked me if he could make an aircraft carrier out of old boxes.  Sure dear.  I'm happy with any excuse to get rid of the boxes that inexplicably reproduce in our sunroom.  "Can I spray paint it gray?"  Sure, sure.  I got out the gray spray paint and a big box lid for him to spray into.  I told him, if it was all the same to him, that I'd rather him wait until another day to do messy projects until I could help him, as I was slammed with several other demands at that particular moment.

"But I have to have my valentine's box tomorrow, Mom."

Say wha....??

Fortunately, I had anticipated this a little bit, and I had already purchased a generic box of Star Wars valentines.  I just didn't think he would wait until the evening before to make his box!  And an aircraft carrier?

He pulled it off.  He and David worked together for a long while and built a pretty good cardboard shape and got it painted.  After I helped him attach some little bags of treats to his valentines this morning, I helped him paint lines and a few rough details on the gray-ish deck of the aircraft carrier/valentine box.  I suggested that we make arrows pointing down the runways - and to the valentine drop slot.  But when I changed the shape of the the last arrow, he got upset.  "Mom!  Why are you painting a heart on my aircraft carrier?"  My bad.  I thought it was an valentine's box!"  He's all boy, that one.

I did manage to get my own valentines done for my minions.  I wanted to use Twinkies, but they were nowhere to be found.  I substituted strawberry rolls (strawberries are Valentines-ish, right?), and drew on the packages with a marker.  Love markers.

Angel let me put her hair in a heart ponytail.


And I made up some big old hunks of chocolate for my big boys.  Just 'cuz even big boys need to know.

I'm making up a special Valentine's dinner for my man.  It'll start with with pork chops and pineapple and his favorite spinach salad, and end with a parfait of chocolate and brownies and strawberries.  I hope he'll come home and enjoy it!

I have a bunch of carnations I've been giving out to sweet ladies in our ward.  Our Valentine carnation tradition is 22 years old this year!  The boys can each have one to give away this evening, and then the rest of them are mine to enjoy in a vase on the counter.  But first I need to take one red carnation up to the cemetery.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

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