Friday, February 21, 2014


Chris was scrolling through Netflix, looking for something to watch.  Angel jumped up when she spotted a show that she recognized.  "Look!"  she exclaimed, "It's the Gus show!"  I looked up from my hot pad I was crocheting (yes, I am really doing that.  All my hot pads are getting gross, so I need new ones.) to try and find Cinderella and her cute little mice friends including the adorable Gus Gus.

Instead, I found Psych.

Ben got hooked on the show a while ago, and had to watch every episode.I don't let the little people watch violent shows, but this one was on often enough that Angel learned who the characters were just by passing through the room.

"It's Gus!"  she shouted again.  "The guy with the chocolate skin!"  We live in a predominately caucasian area, so different skin colors are intriguing to her.  I've been showing the kids pictures of Africa to teach them a little bit of what Alec will be doing on his mission, and to introduce them to other cultures.  I wanted to know more of her reaction to the chocolate, so I pressed on.

"Do you like chocolate?" I asked.

Her response was immediate.  "Yes!  His skin is chocolate but I'm not going to lick him because it doesn't taste good.  It is yucky just like my skin."

We really are about the same underneath.  And we like Gus.


  1. We love the Gus show too. You might want to fix Chris' name in the beginning.... OH and I LOVE the new pics:)

    1. Ha! How long have I been writing on this blog? And my fingers always want to tap out typos. Always have to fix that one!

      And it's almost time to take one more set of new pictures, don't you think?