Thursday, February 27, 2014

Angel Prayers

Angel had a fever.  She snuggled up to me, her little body hot.  I brushed out her long blond hair until it was silky, then braided it tightly.  She hates having knots in her hair.  She brushed her teeth slowly, then climbed in bed.  She was slow and tired..  I reminded her to say her prayers, and she hesitated.

"I don't want to say them out loud, Mommy, but I'll whisper them."

She knelt on the bed next to where I sat, and leaned into me.  She nestled her head into my shoulder and I put my arm around her.  She screwed her eyes tightly shut and earnestly began:

"Heav'nly Father, I'm sick.  I don't want to die until I'm very old.  Help me to get all better.  And please bless the coughs and sniffles to go away."  She paused for a few moments, then continued.  "Please bless those who are gone from home that they'll come back safely.  And please bless them that when they are gone that bad guys won't break into their houses and steal their stuff."

She ended her prayer, put her head gently on the pink pillow, and smiled sweetly at me.  I kissed her hot forehead and she gave me a big hug.

Oh, my little Angel, how I love you!

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