Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's Great to be Sick!

25 things that are great about being sick:

a chance to do an in-depth comparison of tissue brands.  But not the wads of used tissue all over the house.

watching the Olympics!

sniffle contests.

snuggling little ones who don't normally like to hold still long enough for a hug.

movie nights.  And movie afternoons.  And movie all-days.

an excuse to kiss even my big boys.  Kissing their foreheads is how I tell if they have a fever.  And they let me!

spending time with my big boys when they stay home from school.

chicken soup.  And tomato soup.  And any kind of soup.

toast.  Especially with honey butter or cinnamon sugar.  Or both at the same time.  Shh!

not needing to worry about cleaning the house much.

keeping up with the laundry because I'm actually sitting down long enough to fold the clothes.

having a neighbor (who works with my boys at church) call for me, and having to spend 5 minutes convincing him it was me and not one of my boys trying to prank him.

singing baritone.  Awesome for a mom.

wrapping up in blankets.

sitting in the hot tub.  Except our hot tub isn't working.  Phooey.

sitting in front of the fire.  Except the fireplace has a gas leak.  Double phooey.

reading stories to my small fry.

being able to beg off reading stories to my small fry because my voice is sick.

wonderful excuse to finally watch Pride and Prejudice.  Except I haven't yet.

getting to get to church on time because I didn't have to get the little people ready.

swapping home health remedies with other moms of sick kids.

a little bit of time to dream.

not having to get up early and get the boys off the school.  Thanks for doing it for me, Dear.

a sense of understanding when others in my family were sick.

and the best one - marveling at how well God made my body, because it usually works so well.  And my body slowly heals and gets better, and I realize how much I can really do again.  We're amazing, you know?


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