Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weather Change

No drive.

No motivation.

No oomph.

All I want to do is wrap up in a fuzzy sweater and watch a movie.  Or read a book.  Or just sit in front of the fireplace.  Alas.  I don't own a fuzzy sweater.  And I don't have the mental reserve to start a movie when I know I'll have to clean up the messes that were made while I was an absentee parent.  And I don't have any novels I'm wanting to read right now.  And the fireplace has been shut down due to a gas leak.

Guess I'll just read the newspaper online, and then do my housework.  Or not.  Maybe I'll just sit.

Must be a change in the weather.  It just makes me feel antsy and blah all at the same time.

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