Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Learning About Eggs

We have eggs.  Baby eggs and medium eggs and a few whoppers with double yolks.  As I understand it, new laying hens take a little while for the systems to start working properly, and regularly.

I also learned that we have a chicken that lays blue eggs.  And that the brown on brown eggs is only on the outside.  It's white on the inside, just like the (bleached!) eggs you get at the store.  Fresh eggs are tougher than store eggs, so we sometimes make a bit of a mess cracking them open.  On the other hand, when the twins bring in an egg and accidentally drop it, the shell cracks.  But it doesn't always break all the way through.  Good thing, because they love bringing in eggs.  Oh the excitement!  Checking for eggs is the high point of Angel's day, and she'll go skipping off to the coop with a basket over her arm.  I did not know that gathering eggs would be so fun for them.

And I have learned that fresh eggs do not need to be refrigerated.  We keep them in a basket on the counter.  Eggs on the counter, however, tend to get cooked up faster for breakfast than if they are hiding in the fridge.

Right now, this basket is empty.  But we'll be getting more tomorrow!  We like fresh eggs.

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