Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Missives

Alec hasn't written home much lately.  He's been busy, I know.  (But who isn't busy?  Really!)  So I sent him a care package with a few things he had requested (shoe inserts, Febreeze, band-aids, deodorant...), and a pre-printed letter.  That way, he just had to circle a few answers for multiple choice and true/false question and sign it.  Oh yeah, and an addressed, stamped envelope.  Hoping he got the idea.

Dear Mom,
Thanks for the package!  I really appreciate all the love you send in your letters and packages!  Sorry I haven't written much, but I've been so busy.  I did want to tell you a few things about what I've been doing...

My favorite course is the
A. obstacle course  - too easy
B. 5 course meals they serve us.  try 3 meals per day, one tray of food, 10 minutes to eat it.
C. confidence course - what confidence?
E. Play Station, of course! - what is that?  :-)

I would recommend boot camp to
A. everyone age 18 and up - yes and no
B. only those who have nothing better to do. - there are better things to do
C. those who want to lose weight and get in good condition. - you have to be in good shape to get in
D. those who feel the need for punishment. - if you want punishment, go steal something

A. is bad. - cuz of shin splints
B. isn't so bad. - it's getting better and easier getting much easier. - and longer
D. is great! - I have to say, I do like running now

When I get done with training, I plan to sleep until
A. 9 am.
B. 11 am.
C. afternoon sometime. - whenever I wake up, for the first week or so, them back to 5 or 6 am
D. 5 am.  Boy I love to get up early!

I am often
A. the leader. - yes
B. among the front runners. - yes
C. always dead last.
D. in the middle of the pack
E. toward the tail end. - pushing people

My attitude
A. is pretty good overall.
B. is the best in my platoon
C. is the worst in my platoon.
D. not sure - too busy to think about it. - YES
E. is that I'm gonna make it through this no matter what. - YES

T or F My mom wears army boots. - does she?

T or F After I graduate from boot camp I'm going to sleep all day long. - for a few days


Haha, this is awesome!  Sorry for not writing any letters in the past few days/weeks.  I'll try to be better in future.  :-)

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