Thursday, September 12, 2013

Got Photos

I found some pictures on Trent's phone.  I had to nab them and stick them up here before I lose them again!

We tent folded the cards in front of each dish for the hot dog bar, then had to go back and tape them all on to the table because it was a bit windy.  Whatever works!

Bad picture of some good people.  Some of the best folks I know!  I wish the lights showed up better - there were strings of party lights all above this charming balcony.  It made for such a fun place to eat!

And a few pictures of Alec in his... dormitory?  Barracks?  Sleeping quarters?  Whatever the right term is for "the place where my boy sleeps."  I think he called it a "bay."  After the first meeting for the families, where they showed and explained some of what basic training had been all about, we got to see his... digs.

The irony:  Trent takes a bad picture of me holding the camera that takes nice pictures.  Alec's bed was this one on the bottom bunk.  The boy knows how to make his bed now, I see.

You can't see it very well, but in Alec's locker is a picture of our family!  Made my mother-heart happy.

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