Friday, September 27, 2013

Bike Fail

The boys had a bike ride today.  Actually, it was a biking/camping excursion.  They were supposed to bike 17 miles up the canyon, camp out and have a rootin-tootin good old boy time, and then ride back.  It was a father-son event as well.  So much the better.

Ben told me about it first - a week ago.  Chris seconded the motion when it was brought up at dinnertime.  David said he had a flyer about it, but couldn't find it.  It didn't get any more details about the campout until 3:30 this afternoon.  They were to meet at 4:45 and take off.

We hurriedly looked over our compilation of old, hand-me-down bikes, bikes bought at garage sales, and thrift-store bikes.  They were all "special," and a "good deal."  I want my boys to have bikes because I have this dream of going on family bike rides.  We used to... ten years ago or so.  And I wanna do it again.

And I guess those old bikes aren't all that much of a great deal now.  Ben's bike doesn't work.  Chris's bike doesn't work.  David grabbed his bike and started out, but only made it a couple of miles before I got a call to come pick him up... him and his bike.

I'm thinking of collecting all our "special" bikes and doing something special with them.  Something like this.

And then maybe we ought to get some new ones.

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