Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To School

It's that time of year again!  Ben and Chris are in high school.  Where has the time gone?  I didn't get shots of them on their first day because 1) they aren't fond of posing for Kodak Moments, and 2) they leave so early in the morning.  And if high school didn't start early enough, they both decided to take early morning seminary.  I think it's neat that they want to start the day off in spiritual learning and introspection.  My perfect days would start that way, too.

Trent bought this baby for $500, and he has been fixing it up this summer so that the boys could take it to school.  And Ben has been practicing his stick-shifting skills so he wouldn't stall in the high school parking lot.  He's gotten pretty good at it.  The boys (Trent included!) are loving the zippy little Tracker - I haven't yet driven it at all.

David started junior high, and is pretty excited about it all.  The school is close enough to walk, so he gets up and hoofs it with some other kids from the neighborhood

After agonizing all summer about where Eddie would go to school, we decided to just have him at our regular elementary school.  As soon as the decision was made, I felt so calm.  It was nice to get some peace about a difficult situation.  The school is not walking distance from our house - it's spitting distance.  We met his teacher, and she is one of those forever-loving people you wish you could have  for a grandma.  I think he's in the right place for him.

And once they were all gone, the house was not quiet.  Because some of this broke out.

So glad I have a man who plays like a with his kids!  And so happy to have all these lovely children to love on.

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