Friday, February 3, 2012

Up and Away

My little niece had her third birthday recently.  What a cute age.  She has a serious love affair going on with the Disney movie Tangled.  Her very creative mother did what any very creative mother of a little girl who loves a movie princess would do: throw a theme birthday party.  It was adorable.

Purple flag banners 

(you can download the FREE purple banner printable here from SuperMom)

Rapunzel's tower made from rice crispy treats, Pascal the chameleon party favors
(craft from

Pin the cast iron pan on Flynn game... the works.
(get another printable from SuperMom)

The best part was the floating lanterns.  The little girls were enchanted to be led outside in the cold and dark to see these huge paper lanterns actually light up and float away.
(ours looked like these here, from a British company, although I don't know where they were purchased)

It was a little bit magical for me, too.  I would love to feel light and effortless like the lanterns looked.  But I think we all can do better, even when it seems that the cares and gravity of this world will overcome us.

As a bonus, I will share with you the most wonderfullest way to eat granola: with slightly soft  ice cream.  That's all I need to say about that.  Yum.

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