Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sad Eyes

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, all I can see is this:

And I feel tired and worn out and un-lovely.  I see the blood-shot-ed-ness (new word!) that reminds me that, with sick kids and babies who still wake for a nighttime feeding, I really should go to bed earlier.  I see the messy brows that I really should pluck and groom.  I see the "angry line" between my eyebrows that I remember seeing on my own mother, and I really should learn to not get so mad.  I see the eyeslids which haven't seen makeup since last Sunday, and maybe the Sunday before that, and I know I really should make myself presentable for my husband.  I see the wild, wandering hair, and I really should at least comb it, and maybe even try to tame it (won't even mention the growing gray streaks).  I see the crow's feet and know that I really should try to be more happy, so I can call them "laugh lines" instead.

I really should, I really should, I really should

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why can't I look in the mirror and see the good things?  Why is it so easy to see the good in others, but so hard to see past the bad or difficult in ourselves?

I think I need a new mirror - one that will show me this:

Or at least a big sticker to put on my mirror.  Because I'm at least as stunning as Marilyn.  Maybe I should just work on looking out and complimenting, instead of looking in and criticizing.  Yeah, maybe that's the ticket.

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