Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleeping Angels

I'm in love.  Because I think my little tykes are adorable when they are sleeping.

And funny, too.  They might remind me of Charlie's Angels.

Except that they are my angels.  Sweet little spirits sent to my straight from Heaven.

Oh, and they are quiet, too.  Nice.

Freddie has a special gift of sleep that enables him to roll onto the floor and not wake up.  I wish I could sleep that soundly sometimes.

I love that they all like to snuggle up together.  Angel doesn't always like to sleep with the twins - they are getting to an age difference where they can drive each other crazy... especially when they are tired and need to sleep.  But I often find them curled up around each other.  Especially the twins.  Except for their first week, when Freddie was in NICU, they have never slept apart.  And they don't like to be apart.

I understand.  I love to be together with them, too.  Thanks, Heaven.  Love my tots.

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