Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gratitude Journal

In her office, my brother found Mom's journal.  We found lots of journals.  One, a nice, hard-bound volume, was a gratitude journal.  On the first page, Mom wrote about how she was going to write in this book every day.  She detailed how she would write about little or big blessings.  She might write a lot, or just a little.

Her next entry listed her biggest blessings: her sweetheart, her children, and grandchildren.  She wrote down every one by name.  Later, she wrote down things that made her happy.  Sitting by a stream in the canyon, reading books, a gently breeze, children laughing, popcorn.  The next page is blank, as is the rest of the book.

I love reading about the things Mom loved.  I wish she had written more.  How many times do we start a good project and never finish it?  We have a good beginning, but not the follow-through.  But I'm grateful that I can start over when I get sidetracked.  It's called repentance.  So grateful I can repent.

I ought to write that down.

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