Monday, February 9, 2015

Mission Monday

From South Africa:

In other news, here is a story that happened yesterday. We got a dvd referral for a guy named Mxabisi (yes it has clicks), but his short name is Bobby. So we went over to his house and found out that we had seen the guy before. He is a car guard (somebody that watches the cars while you go shopping) at Buco (kinda like Home Depot, African Style). Oh, and he only has one leg, and he stands and watches cars all day long, making only cents every once in a while. But anyway, we go over and give him the dvd, and then he starts going off about something in Xhosa, and then talks a little, then rambles, and then all of the sudden, he is just like, "Thanks for coming, I'm busy right now, I'll see you later". And the weird thing is that it was so abrupt. So it caught Elder Weber and I off guard and we just had to leave and hope for the best. We will see him later this week and talk to him and see how he is doing. Yup, missionaries in SA get shot down at the most random times too :).

From Madagascar:

(It doesn't look there there are roads in the residential areas - just houses packed together.  How do you find your way?)
Yeah, there's not a ton of roads, just alleys in crazy mazes. It's pretty exciting.

(Why can we see Antsirabe listed on the map, but not Antananarivo until you zoom in more?  Is it bigger or more important?)
I have no idea why tana isn't out farther. Tana is waaaaay bigger. Antsirabe is kind of a little bit of a tourist place though. But not as much as a lot of the coast cities.

(How do you pronounce Ankorondrano?)
Alright, Ankorondrano is pronounced ahn-koo-roon-john-oo. And the r is rolled, not american. I will admit I still barely know my way around at all.

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