Monday, February 2, 2015

Mission Monday

What?  It's February?  How did that happen?  I'm still not relegated to 2015, either.  Moving along...

From South Africa:

Well, this is the end of the crazy eight week transfer! And... I'm staying in Port Alfred with Elder Weber! It is awesome!!! I love serving with him. In other news, all of our lessons have been in the double digits again!! 53 lessons this week, which left us very busy and crazy insane running around like chickens with our heads chopped off. But it has been very great to see the progress of the branch.

From Madagascar:

Thursday we ate rice with boiled squash leaves at an investigator's house. Delicious. When we showed up [to church on Sunday], 40 people were there. However, by the time the sacrament was over, we were up to 113, so that was pretty scary!!! That's called fotoana gasy, or Malagasy time! Then, the second counselor in the branch presidency tried to give me a talk. Bad news... I can't, sorry... (*Spoiler alert*) I'm leaving this week... That was the easiest I've ever gotten out of a talk!

Transfers are this week, and unfortunately, my four transfer stay here is over. I'm going to Antananarivo!!! My new area is called Ankorondrano!

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