Monday, February 16, 2015

Mission Monday

I asked the boys how their clothes were holding out, since I don't want them to be nekkid.  Or wear holy socks.

I guess South Africa is hard on socks, or maybe he's walking a lot!  They were J.C. Penney socks and I guess they aren't made to hold up to missionary work.  "I'm doing fine except for socks. BTW, the clothes here are a ton cheaper, and I can see them before I get them, so just do the same thing (put money in his account) and drop it in and let me know, and I'll go get them. I'm fine with shirts ( I have 8, and I have two full suits, so I think I'm good there. One of them is in the mission home right now, and they are taking care of it for me. And I also need more shoes. I'm going to go and get some soon, maybe today, so that will be good."

It's too warm in Madagascar for a suit, and he just had one tailor made anyway, so he's fine there. "I never wear a suit... so yes, I'm good on suits. Plus when I want a new one I will get another one tailor made (probably right before I go home). My white shirts are mostly white, but it is a little bit of a faded white. My pants are fine. My socks are fine. There is just a couple missing is all. Ooh, about the socks, for (the other boys) or posterity or whatever, don't get the ones from missionary mall. The absorb so much water! It's like walking around with wet rags around your feet that never dry out! I might send a video after a rainstorm next week, last night I wringed them out like 10 times and a ton of water was still coming. But they're not holey. My shoes are fine. Still water proof, but when it rains my pants just soak up all of the water and send them down my legs into my shoes anyway... Those are missionary mall too. They might be better for like a cold climate place, but not great for here. Thanks!"  So no Missionary Mall shoes or socks for warm, wet climates.

From South Africa:

I love being a missionary, and I love getting the chance to interact with the people here. I love getting the opportunity to work with them and to interact with them! I love it. Nuff said.

But this week has been really busy, we have visited so many people and gotten so many lessons taught. On top of that, we had the traveling assistants here with us for a day. That was really interesting. All they do is exchanges with everybody in the mission. That would be fun, but it would stink. No area, no boarding. Just exchanges all day for the whole transfer. It was fun to have them here.

From Madagascar:

Then on Sunday I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting and the bishopric told me I sounded just like a Malagasy, so that put me up on cloud 9 because Malagasy is one of my favorite parts of being a missionary here! Then we met a man as we were walking away from the church who told us he was searching for the truth and he was really confused because all of the churches said theirs was the true church. "How can I know where the true church is??!" So we talked to him a little bit, showed him the church, and asked his name. "Joseph Smith." Ok, ok, I see what's going on. You have a good day sir. Haha not very missionaries get to meet him!

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