Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dane It!

A conversation this morning:

Georgie:  Mommy, can I play with the sticks and the little silver balls? (a set of Magnetix that is not always out because of all the small pieces that keep getting lost)

Me:  Yes, dear.  Just make your bed first.

Georgie:  (running into the other room where Freddie was laying on his stomach on the floor, reading a book) Freddie!  Mom says we can always play with the sticks and silver balls if we make our bed!

Me:  You need to make your bed every morning, before you play with anything.

Georgie:  What?  (hanging his head and stomping out of the room)  Oh, dane it!

I'm not sure what the Danes ever did to him to make him profane them that way.  But a few minutes later, he came up and triumphantly proclaimed that he had made his bed and that it was easy.  Good for you, buddy.  Good for you.

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