Thursday, April 4, 2013

What To Do With A Burst Bubble

You know that tall tower of plastic balls at the store?  The one full of big and little playground balls that is strategically placed just where the little ones have been shopping for long enough and are about ready to have a major meltdown right there in the store?  Yeah, that one.  It's hard to resist.  As a result, we always seem to have an inflated rubbery ball at our house.  Or two.  Or maybe three.

Georgie got a hold of Angel's pink ball and decided to bite it.  And then bite it hard.  You just have to see what happens sometimes.  And who knew?  The ball popped.  At first, he was frightened.  Then, he held it up and looked at the big open gash in the side of what used to be a ball.  He examined it carefully... and then popped it on his head.  Daddy cut it down a bit so it wouldn't cover his face.  Georgie loves his new hat.  Especially when Freddie or Angel or one of the big boys is wearing it.

It's pretty ridiculous-looking.  And funny.  And I'm looking for when I can quietly dispose of it because it's a little bit of a safety worry.  Moms are no fun like that.  In the meantime, we have to take a picture.  Because when your bubble busts, sometimes you just have to make something fun out of it and grin anyway.

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