Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break

It's Spring Break.  I love having everyone at home.  Love, love.  We hang out in our pajamas.  And watch movies and play computer games.  Oh yeah, we worked in the garden too, until it started to rain.  And we went shopping together - eight of us and two shopping carts and almost $300 of groceries.  It was a riot.

We went to the library.  This is the stack of books for Ben and Angel.

Alec installed a thingie on the computers that shuts them down every half hour.  I love it - they don't.  We have watched a lot of "Chicken TV."  Those little chicks are incredibly entertaining.

Chris is helping me design a chicken coop.  Man he's good at Sketch-Up!  Trent wants to see our plans, because he's sure he'll have half the supplies somewhere so we don't have to buy them again.  Tomorrow, we build.

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