Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Chris, my third-born.  How happy I was to see you!  And how puzzled I was to receive so many condolences!  I guess people thought that a mother just had to have a girl.  Don't all mothers intensely wish for girls?  Not me, evidently.  I was just thrilled to be having another boy, even though it seemed everyone else around me was sad that I was getting "another boy" and not a girl.  Girl, shmirl.  I wanted my boy, and have been happy with you ever since.

I love how you find something you want and go for it.  When you wanted to be in the school's top band, but there were too many other kids who played your instrument, you switched.  Even if that meant you had to learn something a bit different and now coax lovely music out of the band equivalent of an ostrich.  Your baritone saxophone is a big beast, but you play it well, both in that coveted highest band and in the highest jazz band. And you like it.  So proud of you.

I love seeing you in a tux.  It's just classy.  And you make it look so great.  Your freewheeling spirit works well when channeled within those formal restraints, and you're classy.  And good looking.  Moms can say that.  But this time it's true.  I've seen the girls look at you, you cutie.

You got your braces off.  Oh, happy day!  You wanted me to give you a haircut that day, and to get contacts too.  Then no one would recognize you.  Maybe they still would.  I still owe you the haircut, and although I think you'll still be recognizable, I think contacts would be a fine idea for you.  I've loved mine, and you've forever had problems with your glasses.  They always seem to break or fall off or get hit my a basketball or get grabbed my a toddler or bend out of shape.  You've done a swell job taking care of your specs, and I don't have any question that you're responsible enough to care for contacts.

I love your sense of humor, even when your younger brothers don't.  Yes, I am laughing when I turn my head away just before the reprimand.  Remember that kindness always trumps humor, but don't get all straight-laced and boring on me.  Your keen mind easily finds the pun or the joke - just let it be in a way to help other people feel happy.

I'm one proud Mama when I look at you, Chris.  You have a sharp mind and you learn so quickly that you forget others have to work at things.  Your schoolwork has improved so much over the past year, as has your gentleness.  I love how the twins give their big brother a hug and a kiss goodnight.  They look up to you - all four of your little brothers, and the sister too.  They think you are awesome.

And so do I.

Happy fifteen, Chris!

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