Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To Bed!

I finally, finally got everyone to bed.  It's been one of those days.  The twins were all out of sorts, so I spent most of the morning sitting on the couch and reading stories to them.  They needed a lot of attention today, and threw countless screaming temper tantrums.  Naptime was brutal, and ended up with Georgie, Freddie, Angel, and Mom all passed out from exhaustion on the boys' bed.

We attempted to go to Cub Scout pack meeting, but after each little one had to go to the bathroom multiple times (score: Freddie 5, Georgie 4, Angel 2) AND change seats on the noisy folding chairs AND keep running to the door to hold it open indefinitely .. I gave up and packed up for home.  Trent was working this evening, and there just isn't enough of me to corral three tumultuous preschoolers during boring-to-them presentations.  By bedtime, I was a wreck.

By miraculous Heavenly intervention, they all went down to bed fairly easily.  This was good for my shot nerves.  Ben came back up and we visited for a few minutes.  I heard the rustle of twins getting up to go potty again, but they scampered back off when they saw that I saw them.

Ben said goodnight and I love you (!) and went downstairs to bed.  Momentarily, he was back up, holding a twin in each arm.  "Look who I found rummaging through my garbage can!"  He had thrown away some spice drops because they taste like the detestable black licorice that I like.  He put down the little thieves and they slowly inched towards me, proud of themselves, smiles tickling their lips and mischief dancing in their eyes.

As Freddie lifted his arms to hug me, I frowned and shook my head.  "Go back to bed!" I commanded.  "That was very naughty."  The smiles fell off their adorable faces as they turned in unison.  Single file, they shuffled slowly toward the bedroom with heads bowed and arms hanging dejectedly.  It was the saddest thing I've seen for a long time - and executed so precisely!  They must practice when I'm not looking.

Ben and I managed - barely - to stifle our laughter until they left the room.  Aren't twins fun after all?

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