Friday, April 10, 2015

Soggy Sofa Solution

This is why I was working with fluff yesterday.  I have my mother's couches in the front room, and the back cushions are getting more that just a little saggy.  Droopy and soggy and saggy and sad.

When we moved in last summer, we had extra pillows from the beds of our two boys who left to serve missions.  And we no longer have guests, so we have extra guest pillows.  And I found a cupboard full of extra pillows that my mother had stashed away.  Lots o' pillows!

I gathered up the pillows - used and extras - and washed them all.  They got washed and bleached and dried to a fluffy near-newness.  Everyone picked a new, fresher pillow, and I cannibalized the rest.  Even washed, they were matted on the outside.  But when you pick it apart, the inside is light and... fluffy!  How many times can I use that word?  Fluffy, fluffy...

I unzipped the cover of the sofa cushion and found another cushion instead of loose fill.  When I opened that cushion at the side seam, I found that there were three baffles inside, to help the stuffing stay in place better.  I pulled the old stuffing out, fluffed it up, and filled two of the three baffles back up.  Into the third went an entire pillow of fluff.  It really wasn't hard, especially with enthusiastic fluff-ripper helpers.  The kids had a good time helping with that part.  Yes, it did occasionally look like a snowstorm, but it is easy to clean up.

Once it was full and firm, I hand-sewed the side back up with giant, messy stitches - because it's faster, no one will see it, and I imagine I'll be back in a few years to add more stuffing.

Look at the difference!  One cushion down,and a half dozen to go!  I love our newer, fluffier cushions.  Fluff, fluff, fluffy...

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