Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I woke up this morning, like every Monday morning, excited to read letters from my missionary boys.  Actually, I was suffering a bad bout of insomnia, and I told myself that if I was still awake at 2:30 I would check my email for letters.  That may have helped me stay awake.  But I was so disappointed when there were no letters!  Not even a hurried short one!  And at 3:30 a.m. the result was the same.  At 9 the next morning, still no emails.  Boo!  I checked my email on another device, wondering if my internet connection was bad.  Still nothing.  I was surprised that I didn't get a single short note from either of them.  So strange.

But then Tuesday morning, all was well.  It turns out that Easter Monday is a big holiday in Africa.  Everything is closed for what one missionary referred to as National Hangover Day, since Easter is a big drinking and partying holiday there.  Whew!  Good to know that both of my boys hadn't abandoned me!

From South Africa:

The reason I'm emailing on Tuesday, and not on Monday is that our entire country was enjoying a Public Holiday yesterday, which means that all the email shops were closed... I don't like that when I don't get to email. So here I am today, writing a quick email before I have to go to an appointment at noon. Yesterday, we went with all the youth and hiked Paarl rock and Gordons rock. Both were awesome, and the youth were so cool. All of them made it to the top and all had a fun time

Also this week, I celebrated by year mark. Wierd is all I have to say. I don't feel like I've been out a year. But this means that there are only a bunch of once more on missions left, e.g., only one more general conference, only one more birthday, only one more mothers day, only one more chirstmas, only one more new years. So Flipping WIERD.... I don't want to end my mission, It is so fun, but at the same time, I can't wait to be home again. I love the chance that I have to serve here and help and teach the people here.

From Madagascar:

So this one's a short and sweet one because yesterday (the real p-day) all of the cybers were closed because it was Easter Monday!!! One of the biggest... holidays... Anyway, it's huge here, so we're writing today (Tuesday). But we don't want to waste too much non p-day time so it's pretty short...
This week has been great though!!! We taught a lot of lessons and we've been improving the quality of those lessons and the other proselyting stuff we do too. It's great!

Malagasy morsel of the day is fanantenana. It means hope. It literally means to have one's self. So that's a neat little treasure there, yes, it's used all of the time.

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