Monday, April 20, 2015

Mission Monday

<sigh>  I am missing my boys this week.  I love looking over their letters and seeing how they are growing.  I can really see a softening of their rough edges, and at the same time a strength coming in that they didn't have before.  Serving the Lord is pretty awesome stuff.

From South Africa:

To start off, mother nature decided to do the hot, cold, sunny, cloudy thing, and mess with everybodys head. So it has been a fun and exciting week. I love being a missionary! There were so many little things that just reaffirmed my testimony this week and added to what I already knew about the Church and My Savior. I really am grateful for the Spirit and it's direction.

From Madagascar:

NORBERT GOT BAPTIZED!!! He is still a stud among studs and his wife finally came to church for his baptism and his confirmation the next day and... drumroll please... she loved it!!! We are going to get the rest of that family! Ah, he's just such an awesome man!

Then what happens on this Saturday and Sunday? GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Sorry for all of the caps and exclamation points, but that is really good stuff! So you could say that I'm way pumped for that to happen.

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