Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stink Bugs!

Jenny, avert your eyes. I don't want you to have bad dreams.

We rented a vacation house and went on an adults-only family reunion last weekend. It was wonderful and fun and recharging and frustrating and silly and not nearly long enough. I so love my four brothers and their lovely wives!

The adventures started out early, with the basement of the house filling up with ugly black stink bugs. The little beasties weren't too bad alone, but all of them together were pretty scary.

Fortunately, my awesome brothers did their manly duty and got rid of the bugs. With the manly vacuum cleaner. It was actually fun to hear their little bug bodies rattle through the vacuum tube as they got sucked up. Take that, bug invasion! There may have been some squealing, but I'll never tell.  The manly folks even emptied out the central vacuum canister from the garage so there would be no chance of a middle of the night attack back into the house through the whole-house vacuum ports. Whew.

They counted the bugs as they met your demise. Nearly a hundred. Glad they were gone, and glad I have such manly brothers. *fist bump times four*

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